Calling All Parents With Children Aged 9-19!
Discover The Secret Strategies To Help Your Child Achieve A's in School & Excel In All Areas, Releasing His FULL Potential!
Can Your Children Overcome
the Challenges of the 21st Century?

Dear Parents,

Do you feel that when your child is doing their homework, it seems like their heart is somewhere else. 
In today's society, there are just so many more distractions compared to when you were just a kid. And to make things worst, it is all packed into one small device delivering endless entertainment due to the advancement of technology. Just look around you and you will easily see a children glued to a smartphone or tablet, oblivious to their surrounding and not interested in anything else. When you ask your children to do

Due to the strong competition in the local education system, we, as parents, are often worried that our children cannot catch up in the rat race which in turn is very demanding on our children.

Can they cope with the stress?

Are they able to manage their time with so many activities and still perform both in academic and non-academic areas?

Will they lose motivation and give up?  

These are the common questions that pop up in our minds.

More importantly, you know as well as we do that challenges will just keep coming in their life. Even if we are able to help them in their younger days, we can’t always be there especially when they go into the workforce.

So what resources can we give our children to be able to face up to these challenges?

Just like the old saying goes, we need to teach them how to fish, instead of just giving them the fish. And this is what Asia's #1 Success Coach, Adam Khoo believed in when he created the I Am Gifted!™ programme – to give students the right strategies to help them in achieving their success, not just academically, but also in their life.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” 
- Alvin Toffler, Futurist

In this technology led era, we have seen how technology has transformed our lives and thus creating what is called a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) economy. Many jobs have been made or in the progress of becoming obsolete (such as drones replacing the jobs of waitresses and drivers) and new jobs like Chief Listening Officer and Social Media Specialist have been created. 

We have come to realise that education is no longer just about having good grades but preparing the students to have the right mindsets and attitudes to face the uncertainties in the 21st century. However, we also noticed that students are no longer as resilient to challenges as our older generation and this is what we hope to achieve in the ‘I Am Gifted!’ programme.  

Come for our I Am Gifted! introductory workshop for FREE and find out how the emphasis on Learning Mastery, Personal & Life Mastery and Relationship & Communication Mastery in the programme can help prepare your child for the 21st Century.

Dear Parents, do you feel that you are more stressed and concerned about your child's result than them? Do you sometimes wish that they are more hardworking and focus their attention on important things? Do you label them as "lazy", "forgetful" or "have a short attention span"?

That's all not true. They are VERY hardworking, and have a GREAT attention span... when playing games. They can play for 24 hours non stop, forgoing sleep if you let them. Their memory is also FANTASTIC... at remembering song lyrics, word for word, even in a language they do not understand. 

Why can't they use the same attention and focus on studies then? 

Simple. Studying is boring. The way schools teach is BORING. That's the reason why kids are distracted! 

What if your child can learn how to make studying interesting and easy? Will they be willing to study and study well? Of course!

Attend a 3-hour Free Workshop to Arm Your Child With The Following Skills
✔How your child can condition his brain to stay FOCUSED
✔How to plan study time to effectively optimise learning and remembering - according to neuroscience
✔How to cut study hours by 80% and still score A's
✔How to extract 20% of keywords
✔How to remember facts & figures easily, and NEVER forget
✔How to read passages faster with 85% to 100% comprehension level
How to think critically and apply theories in different context instead of regurgitating the textbook
✔10 Step Success Formula of Top Students
How to Overcome ANY Challenges In Life
✔How to set clear and measurable goals to drive towards achieving goals
✔How to manage emotions and bring out the right 'mood' to focus during study time
✔How successful students consistently have the motivated and positive mindsets & beliefs
✔How actions affect thinking and vice-versa, influencing the confidence level in everyone
✔How positive attitude can help strengthen a winner's mindset to turn setbacks into fruitful learning experiences
10 Success Principles that I Am Gifted! graduates follow to always overcome any challenges
How YOU Can Be An Effective Parent & Nurture Your Child
✔How you can understand what your child is thinking and thus effectively communicate and motivate them
✔How you can make use of highly effective strategies to discipline and yet guide your child in a nurturing way
✔How to talk so your child will listen & how to listen so your child will talk
✔Neurolinguistic Language Patterns that you can utilise to reframe the mindsets of your kids
Hear It From Our Graduates!
“I used to give up easily and hence my grades had always been average. I Am Gifted!™ helped me understand that there are no such things as failures in life but only learning experiences. This concept stuck in my head and I followed it even after all these years.
Thanks to the trainers, they showed me the 10-step effective study formula and as a result I scored 10 A*s for my final exams. More importantly, I understood the importance of “Who I Am Makes a Difference”, inspiring me to take small steps to achieve success in my life!” – Keven Cheng, I Am Gifted! Graduate
“Before I Am Gifted!™, I was unmotivated and never set specific goals in my life. I found studying boring and always scored D’s for Maths.
After attending the school holiday programme, I transformed my mindset and found it easier to achieve better grades in my exams. I started to score A’s consistently for Maths. I also found myself arguing less with my parents.” 
– Ken Lee, I Am Gifted! Graduate
“Before I Am Gifted!™, I was unmotivated and never set specific goals in my life. I found studying boring and always scored D’s for Maths.
After attending the school holiday programme, I transformed my mindset and found it easier to achieve better grades in my exams. I started to score A’s consistently for Maths. I also found myself arguing less with my parents.” 
– Amanda Cheam, I Am Gifted! Graduate
The “I Am Gifted!” Story:
How an Underachieving Child Grew Up to
Inspire Thousands of Students Toward Success

The I Am Gifted! Workshop was created by Adam Khoo as he believes that everyone deserves a chance for success, if only they know the right strategies to apply.

As a poor performer himself in his primary school days, he often struggled with his studies and still failed despite putting in effort to study hard. Tuition and enrichment classes didn’t help either.

Being labelled as a slow, forgetful and lazy kid, he lost confidence and isolated himself from his peers.

It was not untill when he was 15 years old that Adam was exposed to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and since then, he developed powerful skills and learnt to set clear and measurable goalsNot only that, he modelled the success strategies of top students.

From then on, he regained his confidence and continued to achieve success not just academically, but also professionally and financially.

Spurred by his own transformation from an under-achiever to among the top 1% of academic achievers in National University of Singapore (NUS), Adam thus wrote a book ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’ and started this programme since 2002 to help children and teenagers unleash their greatest potential.

Our Dedicated Team of Educators
Adam Khoo is known as one of the most dynamic and powerful speakers in Asia, and one of Singapore's bestselling author. He has to date eight written nine best-selling books including ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’
Melvin Chew is known for his innovative style of delivery and use of humour and fun activities to bring about energetic and powerful training sessions.
With over a decade of training experience, Danny Tong has touched the lives of more than 41,200 youths realise their potential.
Aman excels at bringing out the best in his participants in an engaging and highly entertaining way.He blends education and entertainment to deliver his personal brand of  training
15 Years Of Transforming Lives

The I Am Gifted! programme was created by Adam Khoo 15 years ago to help children and teenagers unleash their greatest potential. The skills taught in the programme was what transformed Adam from an underachieving kid to the top 1% in NUS. Over the next decade, I Am Gifted! went on to empower the lives of more than 550,000 students across 8 countries/regions over the last decade.

Adam and the  I Am Gifted! programme has been featured in various print, television and digital medias over the years

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