5 Essential Steps Your Child MUST Know To Be Money Savvy And Financially Independent...And NOT Take Money For Granted
For parents with kids between the ages of 9 and 15 years
Parents, do you feel like you work so hard to provide your kids with a comfortable life, but they do not see the value of your hard work? Do your kids...

✖ Ask for money to buy things simply because their friends have the same thing
✖ Lack understanding of how money, credit card & bank accounts work e.g. think that money just "comes out" of the  ATM 
✖ Not see the value of things and therefore do not cherish what they have
✖ Are unable to budget their pocket money and end up finishing their pocket money before the planned period
✖ Do not know how to save up for what they want

Are you looking for an engaging activity for your child to learn some real life essential financial skills while having fun?

The one-day I Am Gifted! Moneysmart Programme for 9 - 12 years old will cover the following... 
Managing a budget for allowances - Know the difference between NEEDS & WANTS
Help your child set a saving goal, one he can accomplish in a manageable time. 
Teach your child how to money is earned and accumulated through savings.
and also...

✔ How to SAVE up for things they want
✔ How to BUDGET their pocket money to have enough for spending and saving
✔ How to TRACK SPENDING and develop good spending habits
✔ The MINDSET about money that millionaires have
✔ The value of money 
✔ How inflation and compounding affects your savings
✔ How to manage money like an adult

Look forward to the “Money-Smart” Mini-Game... where your kids will

✔ Earn virtual money through salary and investments
✔ Budget and manage their own virtual funds
✔ Buy and sell stocks and properties
✔ Pay bills and buy essential items
✔ Compete with other I Am Gifted! Moneysmart participants to see who is the most money-smart!
Join us! 
Age Group: 9 - 15 years old

Date: 27 Nov 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: 51 Cuppage Road #06-16 S229469 (Behind Centrepoint, near Somerset MRT)

Retail price
For 1 ticket (pax): $400
 For 2 tickets (2 pax):  $800

Promotion price (Before 15 Nov 2018)
For 1 ticket (pax): $280 (30% OFF!)
For 2 tickets (2 pax): $400 (50% OFF)
About Andrew Davey
Andrew Davey
Self Made Millionaire At Age 29!
Andrew is a seasoned and passionate trainer whose purpose in life is to empower youth to become tomorrows leaders. His favorite quote is “We can give a child a fish and they’ll eat for a day, BUT if we teach a child how to fish they will eat for a lifetime”.
Andrew’s investing journey started when he invested in his first property at only 19 years old. Through his continued success in business’s and investments in property and other wealth creation vehicles, he achieved the personal goal of financial freedom, and now fulfil his by speaking at youth events all over the world.

Originally from Australia, Andrew now resides in Singapore with his wife and teenage son and like any Singaporean parents, is concerned about the financial tomorrow for his son. He then made it his priority to work with parents to empower our youth to create a successful future by building a solid foundation of Wealth and Entrepreneurship.

Andrew had empowered thousands of youth from Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, China, Malaysia and Indonesia by sharing with them the strategies to succeed financially and personally.
What Students Say About Andrew Davey & His Programme
Karin Lai
It was fun, entertaining, educational and interesting. Andrew changed my mindset to be more positive and helped me overcome failures.

The trainers are helpful and give good advice. 

They ensured that all of us are challenged and really have to think through our decisions. 
Lee Wen Xing
This programme teaches us life skills that cannot be learnt in school. I learnt how to take advantage of challenges to improve myself. 

 I particularly enjoyed the Millionaire Game. 

Rachel Ling
I learnt to be proactive. I now can make better financial decisions instead of being easily influenced by others. 

The Millionaire Game taught me many life lessons, and the trainers are really engaging. I’m grateful to be able to attend this programme. 
Shena Rai Sreedharan
This is a very motivating, inspirational and helpful programme that brought me out of my comfort zone. I learnt the importance of savings. 

The programme empowered me to overcome my fears and not let it control me. The Millionaire Game also gave me a feel of the real world. The trainers are inspirational and helpful to me. 

I learnt how money works, and to invest properly. I also learnt that anything we invest in the stock market can be bullish or bearish, and we shouldn't make rash decisions when investing. I will apply what I have learnt when managing money. 
- Hui Yuan
This workshop has taught me how to spend money wisely and save money for emergencies through the 3S: Save, Share, and Spend. I will encourage people to save and spend money wisely.
- Hazel
I learnt about investments, insurance, and trade. I will apply what I have learnt during the workshop to grow my money so that it will be useful when I am old.
- Eunice
I learnt the difference between needs and wants, and how to save money for emergencies. I will definitely apply what I have learnt and do my best to save money. 
- Sean
I learnt that we should take risks in order to make more money and that we should balance out our money to save, share, and spend. We should also have extra investments in case of unknown crisis.
- Ethan